Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Attack of the Killer Moths

Such a ridiculous fear, isn't it? I can't help it, I have always been afraid of Moths. Something about those furry bodies and the frantic flight toward light just freaks me out! Luckily, I don't wish them any ill will, and am interested in the vast array of species when they are OUTSIDE.We had an amazing migration of Luna moths where for 2 weeks the outside of our log cabin was just covered with them, it was amazing! Then some cotton candy pink and cream colored little ones were around in numbers for a week. Some large woodsland variety actually scared my son so bad he hollered his first bad word EVER! Very unlike him. Now we have these giant brown black moths that get in the house and don't just flitter around a light, they fly around and land on us. Last night we ran in the door after milking screaming as one hitched a ride on my shoulder. Anyone have some wonderful interesting moth facts about how special and beneficial they are? Usually Dante just catches and releases them so don't worry we aren't slaughtering innocent insects up here. My Mom cannot believe that this farmer is afraid of moths, with all the livestock I work around its the moths that give me the shivers.


  1. Hi Jessica,

    Great stories and information. I LOVE this site. Regarding the moths, I would take a moth over a gecko any day!!! Let's trade; as I recall you do like the little jittery reptiles. Ha ha. Of course they probably wouldn't survive the cold up there though...

  2. Thank you! You are right,I do like reptiles and the sort. I loved the iguanas in the trees in Miami, I think they were iguanas? Poor things wouldn't survive the cold, wish I could trade. Those darn moths..........