Friday, July 10, 2009

Beef Kabob Samples at Market

Dante will be cooking beef kabob samples at the markets this weekend.

He has been busily working on fencing this week. Had to take a short break from constructing the first high tensile fence to set up the next paddock on the other side of the road. The cows cross a field that the bulls are penned up on one half with the heifers, and then also cross a small year round brook to get to the good grazing. We are making it a formal cattle crossing and also for the tractor , with cement boat ramps as soon as my Dad can get to it. He has all the equipment. If it doesn't get done in the next two weeks it will probably have to wait until after the blueberry harvest but before the Fall rains. Speaking of rain, it actually didn't yesterday! Hooray!

I have been offered a Quarter Horse with tack included. At first I was very excited to get a horse for me, but now I don't know. I'm afraid I don't have enough time right now, and also worried that the horse won't get along with the cows. It would be nice to have that time for me to do something just for myself. I haven't done anything just for the purpose of my sole enjoyment since having kids. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy being with my children 24/7 that's why we have 5 kids after all, BUT I've heard that having that time to myself, might actually be beneficial and I could be an even better Mother because of it. I've had horses before and actually before Dante and I formally met, he has this memory of driving down a winding country road and seeing this girl with long blond hair trotting her horse on the side of the road. That was me, 16 years old. While most of my friends had cars, I had a horse.


  1. Great story about the pretty girl! I would get the horse for YOU if you want it - I am always the wet blanket here, discouraging stuff like this...but maybe something just for you would nice.

    As for the cows and horse thing, we have to keep ours separate, because horses are a pain to rotationally graze and don't need that much feed. My dream thing for me would be a team of oxen and the time to do something with them!!

  2. I didn't get the horse, the owner decided to try to keep him. Honestly, I was feeling intuitively that this wasn't the right horse anyway. It does have me wanting one though. I miss having a good horse around.