Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Milkmaid with Cows and Sheep by Julien Dupre. Love that painting. We have our own local " Cow Artist". She roams the county searching out cows to paint. Sharon Yates knows every cow in Washington County and can often be seen staioned out in the middle of a field in a low folding chair, easel and canvas bag in hand. She doesn't do Bulls though, thank goodness. If you have a bull, or rouge goat or pesky pony-- she'll pass you by but not before letting you know how it inconveniences her and you really should get rid of those distractions so she can paint. Nevermind the fact that I need to have my cows bred, or I won't have cows anymore but that's of little importance to her. Hopefully this will be the year she finishes a painting and I get a copy.
Speaking of breeding, Sharon let me know someone was in heat. Thanks, Sharon. It is Berretta, and she is 2 months out from calving so she got to spend the night with Wolfie. What a beautiful calf that will be if she takes.

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