Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Cows are Out..... Again, sigh

This morning I looked out the window and saw Teeny grazing on Dante's lawn. It is something he really enjoys, mowing his lawn, and has pleaded with me to let him keep that part of his former civilized life. Life before he met this crazy farm chick.I really try hard to keep them off it, but when they are loose, they either get in the highway or on the lawn.
Zoie walked her back down the hill, and told her to be more patient next time.
Dante cleaned out the middle aisle of the barn, which is a dirt floor, and had accumulated some poop, from the cows while waiting to be milked, and then the rain had seeped in and it was a bit of a mess. I am very grateful.
While I milked and started a couple cheeses, some mozzarella and fromage blanc, and set 5 gallons of milk for cream to rise,--Dante headed out to our large field which is subdivided into 4 paddocks. This should have been hay, but it would be weeks until they can get on that field, and we need to move the milkers out on it. There is lush grass under the overgrown stuff and they need to start mowing it down, then we can follow with the bush hog, and get it back in shape. He needs to FIND the temp fence and get it to at least be visual, I think the milkers will stay in, there is so much food. We'd be fools to even consider putting the heifers and young bulls out there. As a matter of a fact the bullocks, age 15 months and 8 months are taking a
4-8 weeks sabbatical to my Dad's place I'll bring them back when I need Berretta, Teeny, and Happy bred back. Which reminds me, we got the blood test pregnancy results back on those 4 cows. Results: Gale is 2.5 months bred and Ellie is 5-6months bred. Yipee! Chia, who is 10 next month is still not bred. Because our bull is young, I'll give her a little more time, but it doesn't look good for her. Jules is a mystery, her blood numbers were close to the cutoff, and I wonder if maybe she was just early bred. She will be 3 next month and should be bred.

Personal Update:
Lost 6 more pounds this week for a total of 14lbs lost. This is encouraging, I am highly motivated and have my " game face " on. Let's hope I can lose all this baby weight for good!


  1. 6 pounds this week - that is great! You are motivating me to lose some weight - Thanks.

    BTW, my gardening mentor/surrogate grandmother's name was Veda. I grow a purple pole bean from her, that I have began calling Veda's purple bean, since the variety name got lost some time ago.

    On the cows getting out, when we switched to a low-impedance Pel charger and got rid of the expensive Intellirope from Premier, and used a single strand of 17 gauge steel wire our cows magically started staying in. Even with tall grass we have not had the aggravation that we used to have. I think the polywire made us feel better because we could see it, but the filament wires seem like a weak point and didn't pack the punch that we needed. Some of our fences are powered by a 12volt marine/RV battery and some are electric - both work equally well. It's amazing how well everyone behaves now!! I hate that feeling when I hear someone bawling in the wrong place or getting that phone call!!

  2. Wow,
    If you have any extra seed of Veda's purple bean, I would LOVE to have a few and grow some for our Veda to carry on.
    Our fence problems are totally because of that temp wire, stretched across 25 acres with grass shorting it out. We do have a 12 volt marine battery, there is no electricity down there so we use battery/ solar chargers. The fence is crap. My poor husband is trying to put the whole thing in 5 wires of high tensile, the perimeter anyway, but just getting the end and corner posts in and braced is slow going especially when we have had non stop raining and the holes are full of water. You are right though, the 2-3 acres we have in 12 guauge metal wire, NO ONE gets out of unless someone forgets to shut the gate.........

  3. I will send you some seeds this fall, for a fresh start next year for "your" Veda! It will be fun to think of her beans growing in Maine!!

    I hear you on the gate being left open, and the hubby from town who has the fortune or "misfortune" to meet a crazy farm girl!! Same here... .