Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hard Cheeses Coming Soon

Here's a little sneek peak into our cheese fridge. The top shelf has some Jack type cheeses I call " Milkmaid" and the bottom shelf has some Edam I named " Farmer's Wife". The first of these cheeses will be ready August 1st. As you can see, they all vary a little in size and shape, just like my life as a milkmaid and farmer's wife ( or THE Farmer depending on who you ask )varies from day to day. I need to have cheese fit in my life, and what I've discovered is that it can be more flexible than you think but I imagine these cheeses will vary in taste as well, depending on which cows milk I used, the season, and what little unexpected surprises popped up while the milk was ripening. It is all I can do to leave them alone, but law mandates all raw milk cheeses age at least 60 days. Stay tuned......


  1. Please please : where are you going to be selling these cheeses?

  2. P.S. Queenie is my blog name, I'm really Sharon Mack, the reporter that visited you yesterday...

  3. Queenie ( Sharon ),
    I plan to start selling at the Machias Farmers Market next week. Probably from 9-1. Can't start this week it's Ida May's 1st Birthday on Saturday!