Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Milk Shortage

We are a bit tight on milk for the next 2 weeks. This pic is of Happy. She is due August 15th. Then we will be absolutely FLOODED with milk. Teeny and Berretta are still producing well, but Gale's production has taken a major decline. She has been in milk for 1 1/2 yrs and is 4 months bred. Berretta is bred back too, and I noticed a slight drop as well. Just make sure to either email us and reserve your milk and cream or show up early because it goes fast. I won't be making a lot of fresh cheeses for the next 2 weeks so more milk is available for you all. Don't forget hard cheese starting August 1st, so next week's markets.
Update # 1- The Moth seige- Now some kind of furry white one has joined the scary blackish ones in the terror. Last night Dante did a moth check before going to bed, and caught a white one, and KISSED it in front of all the girls and I just to hear us scream! Evil!
Update #2 - JDRF Fundraising- We have raised about $350 so far! Thank you so much everyone who has donated, and to everyone in general who has passed on her video. If you can't donate that is fine, just keep Ayla in your thoughts and prayers and pass along her video if you can.

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