Monday, August 3, 2009

Zoie's trip to Vermont

Here is Zoie and Auntie Elisa in Vermont. She went to spend the weekend with her and had a great time. We received lot's of GREAT photos by email this morning and this is just one of them. They did a lot of hiking and exploring of historical sites. An added bonus--Elisa is really into healthy, organic foods--so are we but apparently it is cooler coming from your Aunt than your parents and Zoie is dedicated to good health now. Whatever it takes. I'm so glad she had this independent experience. A step toward growing up I suppose.


  1. Hi Everyone, it's Auntie Elisa! I clicked on your website to find out the name of the juvenile diabetes foundation to which I am going to be sending the donation for Ayla's walk in Portland and was pleasantly surprised to see the picture of Zoie and me at Ben & Jerry's. I'm so glad that you like the photos and super happy to hear that I may have had a positive influence on Zoie's health! She was a pleasure to be with and I love her very much! Talk to you guys soon!

  2. Thanks for having her Elisa! It was such a good thing for her, and great to see you and your Dad as well!