Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Steps

Ida May has been walking for a few months, and is really good at it, actually she almost runs now, so of course she is on to mastering steps. Yesterday, Zoie and I were standing on the porch talking to a lady and Ida May grabbed onto our dogs fur, 2 little fists clenched, he darted down the steps with Ida in tow! We both threw ourselves after her and grabbed onto flailing limbs and caught her on the second step down. Zoie scraped her knee good, and my poor brand new Hibiscus plant got knocked down and the stem broke in half but thank GOD Ida May was unhurt.
It got me thinking about how Life seems to be 2 steps forward, 3 steps back at times. " baby steps " also is fitting. I was thinking about our new creamery, we have gotten really good reception and I am pleased, but I think I was a little ambitious thinking I could craft so many wonderful products this year. My kids simply need me too much right now, especially Ida and Ayla. So I will do the best I can, and continue enjoying my kids and dairy and cheesemaking on whatever level I can muster right now.


  1. What a great site! I really like the links to other sites, i.e. Slow Foods USA. Keep up the good work. I still want to buy some sausage (Hot Italian)! Let me know when you can ship to Tennessee.

  2. Good day to you. How r you all? I hope well. Thx for sharing your family times. I love your videos. Your family is beautiful and Ayla takes my breath away. I hope we find a cure for diabetes soon.