Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farm Kids Invent Their Own Fun

It's hot, ( relatively ), and I can't bear another ride in the car with Ayla's non stop whining and Ida May's screaming - she is NOT into car rides right now- what to do? Why turn the hose on each other and fill the spare water trough with water and balls and have some good old fashioned fun! I need to take some pics, but for the time being I'm enjoying everyone just chilling out. Sitting up here on my cleaned and plant laden covered porch, blogging and reading blogs, it is sweet indeed. Of course there are things I SHOULD be doing but I think I'll just enjoy BEING for right now.
Nothing crazy on the diabetes front today. I am renewed in my research of insulin pumps. Of course it doesn't mean much if insurance doesn't cover it, so I should probably start with them and find out what brands they cover and then investigate further form that point.
Happy is getting close, is due in 3 days. She is limping today, poor thing, she has a bum knee from falling on the ice last winter. She sure doesn't look imminent though, I know that udder gets a LOT bigger and her ligaments haven't relaxed much either. I hope that doesn't mean a bull calf. Oh how I would love a gorgeous little polled Jersey heifer with a splash of white! That's not asking for much, is it?


  1. Yay for cool fun and prayers for a little polled heifer with a splash of white!

  2. Here's crossing my fingers, and eyes, and toes for a heifer...

  3. That's a good idea Queenie! Maybe if I cross my eyes I'll see double, and get TWO polled Jersey heifers with a splash of white!