Monday, August 17, 2009

Creepy Peeper

Sweltering, especially for Maine, especially for this summer. Actually got the cows milked this morning without incident, packed the truck and headed swimming. Our truck is having a rough time. Missing a window, no A/C, tail pipe fell off a couple weeks ago, the whole muffler fell off a couple days ago, the door is duct taped on. Dad, I hope your not reading this--and Mom if you are--don't tell Dad! It is getting a major overhaul next week. I would just stay home or use our van, but it was so hot today, it would have been a crime NOT to take the kids swimming.
We went swimming yesterday too, with my Mom and sister and something creepy happened.
While the kids and my sis were swimming, Mom and I were reclining on the beach with Ida May when Ayla dropped her pink snorkle underwater. She and Veda churned up the water so it was all murky. I rolled my pants up to mid thigh, actually considered taking them off--boy am I glad I didn't, and waded out feeling around with my feet under water for the snorkle. I heard my sister say my name but didn't really realize she was politely trying to get my attention.
Then finally Zoie says, " He's in the woods , getting closer!!!! " Well, THAT got my attention!
Apparently, this really annoying man, that always has this knack for just suddenly appearing without warning, was crouched in the woods no less than 10-20ft away, watching us. When Zoie yelled, he darted behind my van, hid, and then fled up the road back to his camp. All summer the kids and I have been complaining about all the rustling in the bushes, and I swear everytime I go in the bushes because I've had too much iced coffee, if you know what I mean, I hear something behind me, it was starting to get really weird, and now this just makes it really uncomfortable.
I always tell Dante that I'm an excellent judge of character, I think because I've always been able to read animals body language, and there are a lot of similarities with human body language and expressions as well. If I'm to trust my intuition, it's always sent off red flags with this guy. But I had been reassured that while very annoying, he's harmless. I'm just really annoyed that I can't swim at this great spot without that drama. For now, I'll just be super vigilant. No sign of him today. There are other people along the shore spread out at intervals, so I think we are physically safe, you can hear everything there, but I don't want some weirdo hiding in the woods watching us. Is that too much to ask, LOL?
It was so oppressively hot today, I actually dove in fully dressed! I figured I'd just wrap a towel around me and drive home--until I realized I had to stop at the feed store and get grain! Oops.

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