Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flowers and Tree Art

This is our Log Cabin.

Here's the entrance to the creamery we built where I bottle all our milk and make cheeses.

Here's a pic of the new perennial flower bed we put in this year.Dante dug most of those rocks by hand out of our lawn, and brought several loads of compost from our pile. I used to think I had no interest in flowers but I guess I was just a " late bloomer ".

Here is some pretty tree art. Purple vetch growing right around this little spruce tree just like a string of christmas lights. I never noticed that happening before. Then I spotted some multiflora roses doing the same thing in a larger spruce tree. It could be that I never really took the time to stop and notice these things before. This summer has been different, and I really relish the memories with my kids.