Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ida May!

I cannot believe it was a year ago today, at 2:22p.m. on 08/08/08 that Ida May joined our family. She was 5 days " late " but when she decided to finally come, she came in a hurry! Less than 2 hours from when my water broke, so fast in fact that I spent my whole labor with 6 year old Jude and 2 year old Ayla, got my birth tub ready, and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was gonna have her alone. I didn't think the midwives would make it and I knew Dante and Zoie and Veda were not gonna make it. Honestly I was totally calm, Ida is my 5th baby and I knew the midwives were close, I figured I'd have her in the tub and then sit there and wait for the midwives. Pam and Suzanne made it exactly 10 minutes before she was born, Dante and the girls arrived about 10 minutes AFTER she was born.
Ida is a sweet, but feisty girl. VERY intuitive, and quick witted. She moves and reacts in that fluid way, that wild animals do. Zoie is that way too. Of course she absolutely adores us all, but has a particular fondnes for me and Jude. She has been the apple of his eye since her birth. I firmly believe it is because he was there and helped me before the midwives arrived and then experienced the beauty and holiness of her birth. Such an important experience for a young man who will someday be a father as well.
Today we spolied her and tried to keep her happy by avoiding car rides, which she hates right now. We did take her to my parents to pick blueberries, which she LOVED! Nothing cuter than those little fingers carefully picking blueberries, one by one, and staining her teeth blue! Then we made her a homemade blueberry cake and had a little party at Nana and Papa's house. Ida May is passed out beside me in bed, in her new little jammies, I'm gonna snuggle in next to her and smell her sweet baby breath. Enjoying every moment, it is going by too fast.

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