Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyone Vlogging?

Vlogging, or video blogging is simply blogging with video. I'm sure all you smarties already knew this existed but to me it's a novel concept. I was inspired after viewing this post by Kerri, over at SixUntilMe. What a cool idea! Come on Tammy, Liz, let's try this. I'm gonna try it tommorrow. Right now, as usual I'm the only one awake and I'd like to keep it that way! Ayla and Ida May have had a wonderful snotty cold that has left me even more exhausted the last 2 nights. Apparently it is a short lived torture device, Veda already had it and is over it, the little girls are on the upswing, poor Zoie resembles the cats who had the cat flu last winter, but so far it seems to only be 2-3 days of goopy noses, and dirty looks from strangers. ( " Why'd you bring that germy little rugrat out in public!" )I would totally be into whispering into my digital camera in the dark of my room, Blaire Witch style,but my throat is just too sore to try it. Can you imagine Dante somehow waking from his unshakable slumber, ( which is purely hypothetical he sleeps like a rock ) and seeing me talking into the camera while the house sleeps? He'd definitely think I'd lost it!


  1. You are a hoot!! Blaire witch style-whispering!
    I have been wanting to try it! Keep us vlogged on your progress!

  2. LOL! Jessika, you are so much fun! I say, "You go first!" :-)